We welcome you at the Kolping-house and wish you a pleasant stay at our community!

Nevertheless, whereever people live together certain rules have to be followed (some of them are only for less than 18 year old!). So we ask you to live according to these rules of the house in order to make a first valuable contribution to our community!
01. Please take care of the furnishings of the house. When moving in a deposit to the amount of one month rent has to be brought as savety for the furnitures. You will recive the same amount when moving out, provided, that your room will be handed in in clean and orderly condition and that there are no financial obligations left towards the house.

02. The monthly rent has to be paid in advance until the 4th of the actual month. Late payment can result in paying of bank-interest.

03. Cooking facilities, TVs or Video-systems are not allowed in the rooms. Music-players are allowed but can only be listened up to a tolerable sound intensity.
04. The room has to be locked while you are out. Please do not lock the door while being in. The house takes no liability for missing objekts but the safe of the house can be used.
05. The loundry of the bed has to be brought and has to be cleaned regularily. You are responsible for the cleanness of your room together with the cleaning people. Please also care about your clothes and your personal appearance.

06. Several working rooms (kitchen, porter-box) can only be entered on duty.

07. The latest moment to get up in the morning is at 9 a.m., for the room will then be cleaned by the cleaning-people.
08. Please notice and keep the meal-times. Leave your eating-place in clean condition. Do not take dishes to your room.

09. The front door will be locked at 11 p.m. In case you come home later than that you must pay a fee to the porter (viennese law): 01 a.m. - 05 a.m. EUR 3,00,--!

10. Inhabitants up to 18 years have be back at the house at 10 p.m., those up to 19 years at 12 p.m.

11. Pupils up to 18 years have to attend the study-hours in the study-room from monday until friday from 7.30 p.m. until 9.30 p.m. Your staying away for good reasons or your going out late can be allowed by the educator . For staying out over night or for the week-end you have to fill in a notice of leaving and to hand it in to the portier. 

12. The nightly rest starts at 11 p.m.
13. Smoking is forbidden in the upper floors! Offenders have to pay a fee of EUR 20,00 into the Kolping-social-fond.
14. Visitors (except close relatives) are not to be brought to the rooms.
15. Assemblies of the house have to be attended. If  you must stay away the educator has to be asked.

16. If you become ill your roommate must inform the management, which will take immediately further necessary steps (inform the doctor, school, parents, employer).

17. The period of notice is two month in advance paying the complete rent. The latest possible day is  the first of the month.

18. If you offend against the rules of the house or against comradeship continuarily it can be given notice to vacate without notice.

If you wish to work whithin our social community in a creative way, we invite you to join the Kolping-family.


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