List of references

Types of meetings:

Up to now we could realise the following types of meetings:

Private celebrations ( weddings, birthdays, baptisms )
workshop meetings
private views
flea markets
theatre performances                                           christmas celebrations
balls and fancy dress parties                              matinees/readings

Benefiz-Rockkonzert mit "Distress+Factory+Mach 5"
"Harlem Nights" - Andy Lee Lang
Latin America-institute "America Latina"
UTA Telekom
institutes University of Economics
Journeys of Discovery - kis Informationssystemen

List of references
cabaret artists Clemens Andel, Kraska & Saumann
Viennas chamber of commerce
youth organisation of the socialist party
district meetings
forum catholic adult organisation
all Austrian political parties

Scottish dance club        Gold Wing Club Austria        institute for medical science Dahlke Wanz       "markel global" - centre for professional planning       

Weight Watchers
ANecon Software GMBH
Vienna Wrestling Club

Tango Argention "Passion del Sur"
Theatre:    ensemblespielraum Klagenfurt
action Kinderherz Wien
Roche Austria

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