Adolph Kolping

Adolph Kolping was born in 1813 as son of an agricultural worker and learned the shoemakers trade. As a journeyman he experienced all bad states and the misery of the wanderings of the journeymen at that time. The misery of many companions was a challenge for him. He gave up his trade and studied theology. In 1845 he was ordained a catholic priest.

The main emphasis was put on human education and a Christian attidude to profession, to family and to society. Adolph Kolping died in 1865 in Cologne.
Today about 8000 young people live in 60 Austrian Kolping houses. They also live in girls homes, mother and children homes or similar Kolping institutions.

As a chaplain he gathered young men round him and started with systematic education work in small groups. On his journey through Europe it was in 1852 that he came to Austria for the first time. For Kolping the most urgent task was to create homes for young men for the time of their vocational training.

Kolpings principles are still valid today !
The Kolpings-family Wien Alsergrund realizes these prinziples in the centre of Vienna.

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